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What We Do


Idea Supporters is a full-service firm dedicated to achieving our customers' product development objectives using all forms of media.  With a strategic outlook, we patent, develop and execute marketing campaigns that involve print, web, online and direct channels to reach and register with the target audience.


In a nutshell, we help you protect your tangible or intangible concept and help you find the RIGHT TARGET and reach them at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT MESSAGE, through the RIGHT CHANNELS.  There are some things we currently DON'T do.  


What We Don’t Do


Unlike these Cookie Cutter Companies, we don’t just give you a price for something we don’t know anything about.  In order to price something we have to know what we’re working with so we can customize it (your product portfolio) not only to your liking but to the Target audience your're seeking, and to make it successful.  


We take pride in producing work that is unique and targeted.  That’s because we carefully and thoughtfully seek to understand your goals, your needs, your customers, your positioning and your resources. 


No Two Clients Are the Same 

The cookie cutter way may be quick, and it may be cheap, but not effective.  All portfolios must be handled with the understanding and guidance it needs and deserves.